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Donations to charities 'no longer being put in wills'

Saturday, 23 July, 2016 Newsdesk

People are removing charity donations from their wills in the wake of the scandal at Console, according to a solicitor specialising in the area.

Probate lawyer Susan Murphy said people have been rebuffing her when she enquires if they wish to add a legacy donation to a charity.

She said there's been a clear pattern since it emerged how funds were misused by former Console chief Paul Kelly. "I would have promoted charitable legacies and asked if there was a charity the clients would like to give to," she said.

"Now people have been saying to me: 'No way, are you crazy?'

"People just won't consider it any more."

Ms Murphy explained how usually around one in five of her clients would leave a legacy donation to charity.

However, since the story about Console broke, not a single client has told her to include such a donation.

Irish Independent