Commercial Disputes Solicitors Dublin

Kevin O’Higgins Solicitors has the expertise and experience to assist in resolving your commercial disputes by applying the best legal advice, whether in conventional Court proceedings or in the emerging areas of Alternative Dispute Resolution, such has arbitration and mediation.

Where appropriate we will offer solutions that avoid litigation.

We handle all forms of contractual disputes, including warranty claims arising from corporate acquisitions or disposals, shareholders’ disputes, agency and distribution matters.

For corporate clients, this means Kevin O’Higgins Solicitors’ will achieve outcomes that make sound commercial sense and which allow you to continue to focus on your business goals.

Private clients can be assured that Kevin O’Higgins Solicitors’ expert legal advice and experience in the field of litigation and dispute resolution will give you peace of mind.

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Kevin O’Higgins Solicitors offer help and advice in order to resolve a dispute or recover debt:

Fast Track Litigation

IP Disputes

Commercial Contract Claims

Judicial Review

Fraud & Asset Recovery

Partnership Disputes

Shareholder & Director Disputes

Client Testimonial:

“I cannot express my gratitude enough for the support and expertise you provided me at a most worrying time.  This was my first experience with any kind of legal dispute and so I was anxious and for the first time in my life felt very unsure of myself.  At a most stressful time you put a cloak of support around me.  It was like a warm hug which left me feeling energised and convinced I was doing the right thing. Your objectivity kept me grounded. Our conversations were balanced.  You managed to make me laugh a lot which I never thought would happen given the situation.  Your connections in the Law Library sort of blew my mind.  A few days after we first spoke, I was on a ZOOM call with a Senior Counsel & Junior Counsel.  A week later, on a call with a senior partner in an accountancy firm who swiftly provided me with the bottom line in terms of tax.  The outcome from our engagement saw me realise a financial gain of +44%.  It is comforting to have found someone like Kevin, I now feel I have back-up in life and that is a genuinely nice feeling.”

–        Orla , Booterstown